New Publication on Protein Synthesis – Ubiquitine

GENEPEP in collaboration with SERVIER published new publication on Ubiquitine studies. During the project GENEPEP was responsible for the chemical synthesis of the Ubiquitine coupled to different peptidic substrates through side chain of the lysine.

M. Bacchi, B. Fould, M. Jullian, A. Kreiter, A. Maurras, O. Nosjean, T. Coursindel, K. Puget, G. Ferry and J. A. Boutin, Screening ubiquitin specific protease activities using chemically synthesized ubiquitin and ubiquitinated peptides, Anal Biochem, 2017, 519, 57-70.

New publication on Protein Synthesis

GENEPEP in collaboration with SERVIER published latest results on Calstabin 2 studies. GENEPEP was responsible for the chemical synthesis of the protein by Native Chemical Ligation (NCL).

M. Bacchi, M. Jullian, S. Sirigu, B. Fould, T. Huet, L. Bruyand, M. Antoine, L. Vuillard, L. Ronga, L. M. Chavas, O. Nosjean, G. Ferry, K. Puget and J. A. Boutin, Total chemical synthesis, refolding, and crystallographic structure of fully active immunophilin calstabin 2 (FKBP12.6), Protein Sci, 2016, 25, 2225-2242.


GENEPEP offers catalogs or custom libraries of purified peptides « ready for drug candidate screening », specifically tailored to client specifications. We base the design of the libraries on high chemical or conformational diversity : peptidic macrocycles, sugar/nucleoside-peptide conjugates,
tripeptides containing proline analogs…


GENEPEP uses chemical synthesis through native ligation to produce small proteins (up to 200 AAS). It allows us to introduce at specific sites various modifications such as non-coded amino acids, stable isotopes, chemical labels such as fluorophores, and post-translational modifications (glycosylation, phosphorylation and/or methylation).


GENEPEP provides custom peptide synthesis, stability studies, solubility, design and synthesis of analogs (hit to lead program). GENEPEP already synthesized more than 21 000 peptides (modified peptides, cyclic peptides, labelled peptides…). All services provided by GENEPEP are entirely realized
in our laboratory by a qualified personnel.