Innovative Solution for Design, Synthesis and Optimization of Peptides

Since 2003, Genepep brings its knowledge and expertise in the field of peptide synthesis:

  • CUSTOM PEPTIDE SYNTHESIS : modified peptides, cyclic peptides, tagged peptides, long peptides (up to 200 aa), pseudopeptides…
  • SAR STUDIES, DESIGN and OPTIMIZATION of your lead compounds

The peptides are delivered as lyophilized powders, with HPLC and Mass characterization.
Our peptides can be exclusively employed for research and pre-clinical studies.


Epitope identification and antigen synthesis, synthesis of pharmacological tools, active peptides synthesis, development of new drugs, ligands and inhibitors, biological screening, GPCR, etc.


CNRS, INSERM, Institut Pasteur, CEA, hospitals, faculties, Biotechs, pharmaceutical laboratories (Les Laboratoires SERVIER, Pierre-Fabre, …)