Platform for the production, purification and analysis of your peptide libraries.

Peptide Libraries are great tool for multiple applications in many biological fields. They provide easy and cost-effective access to big number of synthetic peptides for a broad range of screening purposes. They are broadly used in drug discovery, immunotherapy and proteomics.

GENEPEP specializes in the synthesis of purified Peptide Libraries. We propose either “ready to buy” Catalog Peptide Libraries or Custom Peptide Libraries specifically tailored to client specifications. Peptide Libraries synthesized at GENEPEP are synthesized by parallel or combinatorial approach and consist from 100 to 10 000 or more compounds with purities over 90%.

Applications Examples

  • Chemical and conformational diversity enhancement
  • Hit generation
  • Low- and high-throughput screening
  • Synthesis of analogs for the optimization of your molecule of interest
  • Lead compound discovery
  • Identification of enzyme inhibitors, PPI inhibitors (protein-protein interaction), receptor antagonist or ligands (ie.: GPCR, TLR)

Peptide Libraries can also offer access to new families of peptidic compounds not yet present on the market therefore creating opportunities for discovery of new proprietary compounds.

We provide our clients with:

  • Library design expertise
  • Choice of different library sizes and synthesis scale
  • Great range of peptide modifications:
    • Introduction of unnatural, D- or labeled amino acids,
    • Biotinylation
    • Different types of peptide cyclizations
    • Introduction of fluorescent tags
    • Ser/Thr phosphorylation
    • N-methylation
    • Incorporation of amino acids ready for conjugation (ex. Click chemistry)

If you need specific peptide modifications please contact us to discuss custom modifications.