Grafting and coating of peptides or biomolecules on nanoparticles, Elisa plates, or others surfaces

GENEPEP offers its expertise, tools and services for the synthesis and functionalization of peptides and molecules for their grafting on nanoparticles and others surfaces. We offer solutions and tools covering both “Grafting From” and “Grafting To” approachs

“Grafting From” strategy

Grafting process in two steps :

  • Grafting the anchor on the surface
  • Coupling of the functionalized peptide provided by GENEPEP
  • Example of functionalized peptides

“Grafting To” strategy

Grafting process in a single step :

  • Grafting of the anchoring peptide (peptide-linker-anchor) provided by GENEPEP

Process :

  • Choose your peptide
  • Choose your linker (PEG, alkyl, amino-acide…)
  • Choose your anchor (biphosphonic, thiol…)
  • Place the anchor on your peptide (N-ter, C-ter, side chain)

GENEPEP provides a ready-to-use anchoring peptide

This method makes each step of the grafting and characterization process easier :

  • Free anchoring peptide analysis
  • Grafting in 1 step, synthetical schema doesn’t need post-grafting steps, grafting chimioselectif
  • Control of the grafting by comparing pre and post-grafting (elementary analysis (0/1))
  • Makes multi-grafting easier
  • Easier preparation of lots