Our services

  • Audit

    You wish to valorize a peptide project ? A state of play might be necessary to see clearly and validate the project key elements to appease your partners and funders. GENEPEP verifies for you :

    • The identity and purity of actives peptides (UPLC analysis, mass spectrometry),
    • Their stability though time,
    • The repeatability of the production process,
    • Analogs design more stables, less costly…

    We’ll send a report written by one of our specialists in peptides chemistry

  • Partner

    Are you looking for a SME partner specialized in peptides chemistry for your collaborative project ? Contact us ! Depending on your project, we could be partner or provider of your projects.

  • Analysis

    GENEPEP dispose d’une plate-forme analytique lui permettant de proposer la détermination de la pureté et de l’identité de vos composés, la présence des analyses par HPLC, par spectrométrie de masse, des dosages UV, des analyses élémentaires, des détermination de NPC (teneur nette en peptide).

    GENEPEP disposes of an analytic platform that allows us to provide the purity and identity of your compounds, analysis by HPLC or mass spectrometry, UV proportioning, elementary analysis or NPC determination.

  • Studies

  • Optimization and SCALE UP

  • Design and Optimization

At the end of the help with writing an essay, you should summarize the main point of your work and offer a final opinion based on the arguments in the body.