• GENEPEP specializes in Chemical Synthesis of Proteins by incorporating all available knowledge in the field. We have great experience with different methodologies of Native (thioester, SEA, hydrazide) or Non-Native (triazole, oxime, thioether) Chemical Ligations.


The applications of chemical protein synthesis cover a wide range of laboratory processes:

  • Non-natural amino acids:Introduction of non-natural residue into proteins
  • Post-translation modification: Specific introduction of PTM: sulfonation, phosporylation, glycosilation, ubiquitination among the others
  • Protein backbone modification: Modification of polypeptide backbone structure:
    • Oxime
    • Triazole
    • Thioether
  • Mirror image D-proteins: Synthesis of an entire protein with D-amino acids
  • Specific labeling: Specific labeling at precise sites such as
    • Fluorescent Dyes
    • Biotin
    • ligands (DOTA, DTPA)
    • Functional group for bioorthogonal chemistry and click chemistry: cyclooctine, azide etc.