• Karine PUGET

    PhD, CEO and CSO

    Karine did her PhD in Peptides area chemistry-Biology interface at Prof. Jean Martinez lab as Ipsen employee (CIFRE). She won several national contests from the french research Minister and Aventis in innovative company projects. She founded GENEPEP in March 2003 and since then she is actively involved in many collaborations with Pharma and Biotech companies.

  • Marie-Christine GIOLLENT

    Financial and administration manager

    Marie-Christine has joined GENEPEP in 2007 after a long experience in medical devices field (Hill Rom, Getinge). She is in charge of financial control and reporting, accounts, HR matters, sales, administration, suppliers relationships, quality system control.

  • Mathieu GALIBERT

    PhD, R&D Project Manager

    Mathieu Galibert joined GENEPEP as Project Manager in October of 2016. He is in charge of the R&D programs for the chemical synthesis of proteins. Mathieu has extensive experience in peptide synthesis, chemical ligation and bioconjugation. He holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Joseph Fourier University in Pascal Dumy’s team. The main objective of his PhD project was the synthesis and design of peptide vectors for cancer applications. After his studies he was a research associate at The National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Agnès Delmas’ lab at Orleans. He worked on the development of a solid-supported strategy for the synthesis of protein and glycoprotein by chemical ligation. Before joining GENEPEP, his last position was project manager in Smartox Biotechnology.

  • Said JEBORS

    PhD, R&D project manager

    Saïd JEBORS has joined GENEPEP in October 2016 to develop the company’s polymer sector. He has more than 10 years of experience in the field of chemistry. After starting his research activities focused on the supramolecular chemistry, and then in the development of some hybrid peptide materials, he was in charge of the design of bioactive medical devices. He holds a doctorate in organic chemistry from the University Claude Bernard, Lyon 1.

  • Magali JULLIAN

    Production project manager

    Magali arrived in GENEPEP in 2006 after finishing her Master Degree in Chemistry at University of Montpellier and since then she acquired all necessary knowledge in Peptide Synthesis. She is now in charge of Custom and Catalog Peptide Synthesis.

  • Maxime LEROUX

    Production technician, HSE manager

    After obtaining his Bachelor Degree in Organic Chemistry at the IUT of Le Mans, Maxime has joined the GENEPEP team in 2014 as a lab technician. First specialized in the production of chemical libraries, he is now in charge of all the peptide production for our clients or intern R&D projects. Maxime is also the Health, Safety and Environment manager in the lab, and actively participates in developing our quality management process.