• Valentine’s day by GENEPEP

    Are you targeting the best for your peptides ?

    Fall for GENEPEP assets :

    • An experimented team of peptides chemistry specialists
    • More than 20 000 synthetized peptides in 15 years
    • Programs for peptides synthesis and optimization in cardio, obesity, cancer, vectorization, imagery, diagnostics…

    We offer peptides & proteins synthesis, stability and solubility studies, lead optimization…

  • [Job offer] Chemistry Technician


    GENEPEP is looking for a new team member by early february. The work will prioritize polymer synthesis by polycondensation but will also consist in peptide synthesis.

    You can see below the full offer.


  • GENEPEP stability studies

    Do you observe a decrease in your peptide activity ?

    Try GENEPEP stability services :

    • Peptide stability studies
    • Impurity identification
    • Design of analogs with better stability

    And also : Peptide custom synthesis