• Scientific Publication

    VHH characterization. Comparison of recombinant with chemically synthesized anti‐HER2 VHH

    Authors :  Lucie Hartmann, Thomas Botzanowski, Mathieu Galibert (GENEPEP), Magali Jullian (GENEPEP), Eric Chabrol, Gabrielle Zeder-Lutz, Valérie Kugler, Johann Stojko, Jean-Marc Strub, Gilles Ferry, Lukasz Frankiewicz (GENEPEP), Karine Puget (GENEPEP), Renaud Wagner, Sarah Cianférani, Jean A. Boutin

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  • R&D : KINPEP Project

    Diagnostic kit for cancer and neurodegenerative diseases

    KINPEP : a new diagnostic kit based on the development of peptide biosensors for the detection and quantification of kinase activities associated with cancer and neuronal pathologies.

    IBMM-GENEPEP collaboration with financial support of “Région Occitanie

    • IBMM Dr May MORRIS ‘s team

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