Ask the specialist about peptides, libraries and proteins

Our Peptides and Proteins are delivered by transporter as freeze-dried powders with an UPLC and a mass characterization.
The peptide libraries are delivered in 96-well micro-tubes delivered by transporter as freeze-dried powders. Each library component is described in an attached Excel file with UPLC chromatogram  and a mass characterization.

Please leave us your coordinates (first and last name, laboratory/society, telephone number, e-mail, address, etc.), so we can call you back, as well as some:

Necessary Information

  • Sequence or amino acid number of  your peptide
  • The library code or name if necessary
  • Quantity
  • Purity (crude purity, >70%, >80 or  >95%)
  • C- and N-terminus functionalization (ie.: acetylation of N-ter, COOH, CONH2 at C-ter)
  • Eventual modifications of the sequence (introduction of non-natural amino acids, labeling, disulfide bridges etc.)
    Ex : Ac-GLPRRTGA-CONH2, 50 mg, purity> 95%, N-ter : acetylation, C-ter : amidation

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